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• DOB: 02/10/2011
• Tattoo: Y118
• BW: 93
• WW: 643
• YW: 1293

Thistle Ridge and Silver Spur purchase Rollin Deep Y118 in 2012. We decided this spring with the impact he was making on our program that we should walk the bull so we bought natural service from Thistle Ridge. Rollin Deep Y118 new picture shows he is a powerful sire that does the cow man things right. His pedigree is well known for producing power cattle with exceptional feet, udders, and fleshing ability. Rollin Deeps dam, Bieber Tilly 399W has become a centerpiece in our ET program and his sire, Bieber Roosevelt has become of cornerstone to our commercial customers producing thick cattle with great dispositions. Rollin Deep Y118 is the kind of bull that can leave positive impact in the breed for years to come. If you are looking for a bull that sires great phenotype, power and makes balanced cattle with the ability to flesh, breed back, stay sound and productive for the long haul. Look no further. Semen Available thru Bieber Red Angus

































































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