11450 353rd AvenueLeola, SD 57456Office: (605) 439-3628
Craig & Peggy: (605) 439-3545 Email: office@bieberredangus.com


Ron Bieber: Founder of BRAR, range, pasture & alfalfa specialist, and cattle breeding.

Lois Bieber: Co-Founder of BRAR.  Responsible for the sale meals and hospitality.  Oversees all ranch activities. 


Eric Payne: Day help hand. Eric and Megan are now living at Mina Lake and sells insurance Check out his page here



Craig Bieber: CEO of Bieber Red Angus Ranch, handles all ranch activities

Peggy Bieber: Craig’s partner and now full time office staff, handles all bookkeeping, cattle records, and clerks the sale.


Megan Payne: Day help hand. Helps clerk the sale. Eric’s wife.


Craig Howard: Cowboss, Handles
day to day operations at BRAR. AI
technician, welder and equipment repairman.


  Presley Lynn Payne: Loves to check cows with Grandpa and Grandma and daughter of Eric and Megan Payne.

Lindley Harrington Howard: Social media manager at BRAR. Past summer intern and day help hand. Helps clerk the sale. Craig Howard’s wife.


Kristin Harms: Office/all-around assistant. Has a full time job at Raven Industries in Sioux Falls, SD. Helps clerk the sale.

Jake Harms: Husband of Kristin Payne. Day help when they come home for weekend and sales.


Tom Churchwell: General ranch
duties, light mechanics, handles all cattle feeding.


Bieber Red Angus Interns:  We have always believed
that experience is the best teacher and in our internship program we look for individuals that help us through some of the more intensive times like calving and breeding. We look for a “can do” attitude and a
commitment to the beef business. We are always
looking for opportunities to share our operation with
young people interested in the seedstock business. You
may have seen some of these interns in the past year.

Dillon Spurr: Herdsman, calving,
feeding, general ranch duties.

Keith Lunders: Part time day help as needed.

Arden Sieh: Part time day help as needed.


Jared Schaefer: Night calver and day help.



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